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The drone industry is ever growing and changing, read here to learn how we fit into that puzzle here at DroNext

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As mentioned in our previous blog, one of the original issues for DroNext was differentiating ourselves from current and future competitors in the market. This quickly came together as our pairing of both aquatic and aerial service work. However with that distinction, sometimes it can still be hard to define what it is we even do as a service provider.

One of the interesting things about the "drone industry" is relatively speaking it has quite a broad scope and application across so many industries. A drone itself is an operating system or simply a tool in its most basic definition. This tool can be used in such a variety of ways and in so many situations, it becomes difficult to nail down exactly what this industry is.

Personally speaking I believe the drone industry breaks down into four categories. We have the manufacturers such as DJI and Skydio. Operators and service providers like DroNext or UAViation. Entertainers, which are the growing group of drone racers such as the American Drone Racing League (DRL) and finally, the growing transit players, businesses utilizing the tool to create urban air mobility systems (flying cars).

DroNext primarily is within the service provider quadrant of the drone industry. We leverage our equipment, operating skills, and experience to essentially gather data. On the aquatic side, we of course still gather data but also perform a bit more invasive work depending on the project.

The aerial data comes in a variety of forms and shapes. It can be thermographic data on solar installations, geographic and surveying information, data on the reflection of light off of crops, and much more. All of this data is processed and then returned to clients in the form of informative insights about their development or site.

The aquatic work we do allows us to provide data from under the waves, while also performing simple tasks. Things such as item retrieval, soil and water collection and sampling, site monitoring, net repair and more.

With such a big industry, it becomes important to define to your customers exactly what it is you excel at. DroNext for the matter is focused primarily on the larger end industrial projects. Although open to all types of bids, we find our expertise really shines through in jobs related to inspection, energy, mapping, and the like.

Some of our common services in the aquatic realm are assisting with offshore wind projects, management of fisheries, research, coastal infrastructure and ship inspection.

As for the the aerial side of things, the energy sector has been a big focus for us from an early stage.

Overall were excited for the growing opportunities presented by being here in Japan and are looking forward to the projects we will be able to assist with down the road. It is certainly shaping up to be an exciting decade for the team here at DroNext.


Our Role

DroNext , Japan drone services , ドローン ドローネクスト  , ROV services, UAV 日本 大阪 東京
DroNext , Japan drone services , ドローン ドローネクスト  , ROV services, UAV 日本 大阪 東京
DroNext , Japan drone services , ドローン ドローネクスト  , ROV services, UAV 日本 大阪 東京
DroNext , Japan drone services , ドローン ドローネクスト  , ROV services, UAV 日本 大阪 東京



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