An intro into how DroNext was founded here in Osaka, Japan

2021-03-09 2 min read

How did we get here

Back in 2018, I came here to Japan after spending time throughout Canada and the US working in the drone sector for 6 years. Looking to catch a break from the constant political news cycles in the US, I decided a quick 6 month escape to Japan was in order. That original trip quickly started to look more and more like a long term situation. Adding to this, I researched and learned of a lagging drone industry here in Japan. From that point, the goal became setting up and establishing DroNext.

Now by 2018/2019 at the time we were incorporating, the idea of a drone business was nothing special. Countries like the US, Canada and the EU had already seen extensive growth to their drone sectors since the early 2000's . We needed to find a way to differentiate DroNext from competiton and our answer came from taking a closer look at Japan's geography. The countries many islands and expansive coastline showed us clearly that we needed to be focused on not only the sky, but also the oceans and water ways.

Separating from the pack

After this realization, we set out to become the leading operator in Japan, and the only one providing solutions both above, and below, the water line.

People have always spoken about the difficulty in entering the Japanese market as a non-japanese. Whether it be the language, unique business etiquette or cultural pressures, the environment here in  Japan is hard to compare to other countries.

To help this entry from the beginning, we made sure to register DroNext as a Japanese business. This added almost 15 months in paperwork to secure a visa, bank account, company incorporation etc, made even more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the end, we succeeded in headquartering the business here in Osaka, Japan, and with it, gaining some trust from being a "Japanese business" and having

"株式会社" (pronounced kabushiki gaisha) at the end of our company name.Although seemingly insignificant, having this distinction as a Japanese business, compared to a foreign one, does wonders for trust domestically. So as it currently stands, DroNext 株式会社 has positioned ourselves as the only professional service provider leveraging aerial UAS, aquatic ROV and AI technology to help add value and reduce costs for our clients projects.

We have seen ample growth in 2020 and are looking to continue that trend here in 2021. With new partnerships and collaborations in the works, we're excited for what this year has in store. For our friends joining us on this journey beginning with this, our very first newsletter, we couldn't be more grateful for your support.

Japan, drone services, aerial inspection, DroNext, ROV inspection
Japan, drone services, aerial inspection, DroNext, ROV inspection
Japan, drone services, aerial inspection, DroNext, ROV inspection
Japan, drone services, aerial inspection, DroNext, ROV inspection



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